Raku Dragon Skin Vases

I love Raku firing as the process is very enjoyable and the results are so wonderfully unpredictable! I also love the way the glazes enhance the textural qualities of the Dragon Skin on my Dragon Skin Vases. My vases are glazed with a white crackle glaze on the inside and then with a blue or … Read more

Hand-Coloured Burngate Fish Prints

My Burngate fish prints are black lino-cut outlines which are hand-coloured with Indian ink. They measure 8” by 6” and are mounted in 10” by 8” white mounts. Price: £18

Hand-Coloured Mini Owl Prints

My mini owl prints are black lino-cut outlines which are hand-coloured with Indian ink. They measure 6” by 4” and are mounted in 8” by 6” white mounts. Price: £12

I have a studio!

19th February 2017 – Over the past few months I have been very busy organising my lovely new studio! Huge thanks to my lovely Auntie Sue who gave me the money to do it. It’s really just a glorified shed, but it’s a huge step forward from working on the kitchen table and storing all … Read more

Dragon Skin Vases

18 February 2017 – today I have been playing at making Dragon Skin vases. I have been using the roulettes which I made last year to create thin texture slabs which I have then rolled to shape the vases. I have added small rolled feet to give them a lift. I love the bottom half … Read more

Printing again!

17th December 2016 – I have recently completed a number of printing courses run by the very wonderful Heather Gibbons at the Burngate Stone Carving Centre. I had done some printmaking a long time ago, before I discovered ceramics, but I was interested in exploring ways of using printmaking techniques on clay. These courses have reminded … Read more

Dragon Eggs

These dragon eggs have just emerged from the fire. They are practical lidded jars which have been formed from a coiled pot covered in “dragon skin” scales. My earth dragon eggs are glazed with a mixture of three glazes which produce a dry finish with a satin sheen that really brings out the details in the texture. The … Read more

Raku Cats

My Raku cats are made from a basic press-moulded form which is then given a bit of personality before being Raku fired. My cats are glazed with a metallic flash glaze brushed over the outside which gives a glossy black finish with a wonderful range of copper, green and red highlights. I currently use a … Read more

Batik Raku Bottles

I love Raku firing as the process is very enjoyable and the results are so wonderfully unpredictable! I find that thrown bottles are a very effective way to explore and experiment with glazes and some of the results are amazing. I have been experimenting with different ways of making patterns on my Raku bottles which … Read more

My Owl Flag for PAW

30th April 2016 – Today I went to a Purbeck Art Weeks flag making workshop. This was the final step in our flag making as we had been given our kits a few weeks ago. Firstly we had to iron our flags, then attach freezer paper, then draw out our designs on the paper: Then … Read more

Throwing Bottles

9th April 2016 – today I have been throwing bottles on my lovely table-top Shimpo wheel. They will be Raku fired ready for Purbeck Art Weeks!!

Making Moulds

24th & 25th February 2016 – A long time ago, in a previous life, I used to make press-moulded cats, elephants and other things. The original moulds disappeared years ago in one of many house moves, but now it’s time to make new moulds! This is how I do it: Part One / Day One: … Read more

Making Roulettes

20th February 2016 – Today I made some new roulettes as you can never have too many! Roulettes are wheels of impressed pattern which I use on clay slabs to make the skin of my dragons and other textured designs. The symbols used on the skin of my dragons have a lot of meanings. There … Read more

Happy New Year!

19th February 2016 – Obviously I’m using the Chinese calender so welcome to the year of the Monkey! Last year I returned to ceramics properly after taking a 10ish year break. In that time I’d had some children and moved house about 100 times so playing with clay was not really a priority! I am now settled, … Read more