I use various techniques to create my work:



I throw bottles in batches on my shimpo table top wheel. I use set weights of clay, (8oz, 12oz and 1 … Read more


Making Moulds

I used to make a lot of work from press-moulds that I had created, but these moulds disappeared year … Read more


Creating Dragon Skin

The textured skin and of my dragons and dragon skin creations is created using handmade roulettes, w … Read more


Making Roulettes

Roulettes are wheels of impressed pattern which I use on clay slabs to make the skin of my dragons a … Read more



I Raku fire specific pieces of my work using spectrum Raku glazes, (bought from Bath Potters), as th … Read more



A few years ago I completed a number of printing courses run by the very wonderful Heather Gibbons a … Read more


Handbuilding Dragon Skin Vases

I use roulettes to create thin texture slabs which I then roll to shape the vases. I add small rolle … Read more