About Me

Elouisa 1988Emma-Louise Grinsted,
Ceramic Artist & Print-maker

I’m a ceramic artist and print-maker that loves drawing, painting, textiles and generally being creative. I make a wide variety of ceramic objects; from intricate, elemental dragons, and dragon eggs to poured or Batiked Raku bottles, press-moulded Raku cats and lots more. My prints are primarily lino-cuts and I often print the same image on both paper and my pots.

I’m inspired by so many things; from mythology, religious imagery, folk art and literature to the actual creative process itself. I’m quite obsessed with texture, pattern and colour.


I use a wide variety of processes in my ceramic practice. I throw bottles on the wheel, press-mould cats, extrude dragon bodies and coil dragon eggs. Pieces which are going to be Raku fired are usually left relatively plain, while my other pieces are often wrapped with thin textured slabs of “dragon skin” or other impressed patterns. My textures and patterns are created using handmade roulettes and stamps, which are impressed with symbolic patterning. These patterns are composed of ankhs, runes, I-Ching hexagrams, five-pointed-stars, suns, leaves and fish motifs which are incorporated within abstract designs inspired by things such as Islamic tiles and fabrics, Medieval calligraphy and Celtic decoration.

All my work is made from the same white stoneware clay. Some pieces are glazed in a range of personally developed barium, potash and nephiline syenite based glazes which are coloured with titanium oxide, cobalt carbonate and copper carbonate. These pieces are often finished with an additional lustre firing which adds definition and richness. Other pieces, such as thrown bottles, press-moulded cats and fire dragons, are Raku fired.


After completing a number of print-making workshops with the wonderful Heather Gibbons at Burngate Stone Carving Centre I have remembered how much I love printing. I particularly love the dramatic, graphic quality of lino cutting and I am now working on images which work both on paper and on clay.

Qualifications & Courses Attended:

  • BA (Hons) Workshop Ceramics
  • Arts Foundation (one year, full time)
  • A-Level Art
  • A-Level Art & Design
  • A-Level Art History
  • Studio Ceramics (one year, part time)
  • David Leach Throwing Course (one week – see photos below)
  • Ruthanne Tudbull Throwing Course (two day)
  • Nic Collins Throwing Course (two day)