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Dragon Miscellany

New Year Lion

A miscellany of dragon images and information . . .

Dragons have always fascinated me. There is infinite energy, mythology, superstition and reverence associated with dragons by so many different cultures that I could quite happily spend my whole life exploring all the different meanings!

My dragons are all guardian amulets which represent the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The processes used in creating my dragons are relatively involved. Each dragon frame is either press-moulded, slab-built or extruded depending on the intended final size. Thin textured slabs are wrapped around the frame to produce a dragon skin. The texture is created using handmade roulettes, which are impressed with symbolic patterning. These patterns are composed of ankhs, runes, I-Ching hexagrams, five-pointed-stars, suns, leaves and fish motifs which are incorporated within abstract designs inspired by Islamic tiles and fabrics, Medieval calligraphy and Celtic decoration. All the dragons have unique features associated with their individual element, (earth, air, fire or water), but they all hold the immortal pearl of wisdom in their mouths. Their coiling bodies are reminiscent of Urobros, the self-devouring dragon, who represents the ancient Alchemic circle of reincarnation.