Batik Raku Bottles

I love Raku firing as the process is very enjoyable and the results are so wonderfully unpredictable! I find that thrown bottles are a very effective way to explore and experiment with glazes and some of the results are amazing.

I have been experimenting with different ways of making patterns on my Raku bottles which will enhance the beautiful glazes. I have found that using batik wax resist to create pre-glazing patterns is very effective as the contrast between the body and the glaze works very well.

My bottles are glazed with a white crackle glaze on the inside and then with a blue or green metallic glaze or white crackle brushed over the outside. I currently use a rough sawdust to smoke my bottles, but often chuck in a bit of something else such as newspaper, straw, leaves or bark chippings for a bit of variety!


  • 8oz bottle: £16
  • 12oz bottle: £20
  • 16oz bottle: £24