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Earth Dragon Ginger Jar

These earth dragons coil protectively around Corfe Castle. The Castle forms the lid of a practical and generously sized ginger jar.

The ginger jar is formed from a coiled stoneware pot while the earth dragon’s body is made from thin textured slabs that are wrapped around each other to produce a “dragon skin”.

My earth dragons are glazed with a mixture of three glazes which produce a dry finish with a satin sheen that really brings out the details in the texture. The glazes are primarily coloured with copper carbonate which gives a beautiful rich green. Additional details such as ruby eyes, gold highlights and the immortal pearl of wisdom in the dragon’s mouth are glazed with metallic lustres.

Have a look at my Dragon Miscellany and Dragon Sketchbook posts to find out more about the ideas and inspirations behind my dragons.

Price: £210 (click here to see if any are currently in stock)